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Crating & Machinery Moving FAQs

What is machinery moving?

Machinery moving is the process of moving heavy equipment and machinery from one place to another. It involves the careful planning of the move from start to finish, utilizing specialized equipment, and skilled drivers transporting the equipment.


Why should I hire professional machinery moving services?

Heavy machinery is very valuable. They can quickly cost tens of thousands of dollars and are difficult to replace. To move it, you also need specialized equipment that can handle the transport. A professional moving service has all the equipment to transport large equipment, will safely secure your equipment to prevent damage, and deliver it on time.


What is custom crating?

Custom crating is the designing and building of moving crates that are tailored to the exact dimensions of the item it will be holding. They provide optimal protection and are necessary for larger items that will not fit in traditional crates.


Why is custom crating important for machinery moving?

Custom crating is vital to moving any machinery or large equipment because it offers maximum for the machinery that keeps it secure during transport.


How are custom crates designed?

Custom crates are designed based on the specific dimensions, weight, and fragility of your machinery. Professional crating services assess your equipment's requirements and create a crate that provides adequate support, cushioning, and protection. They may use materials such as wood, foam, or shock-absorbing materials to ensure maximum safety.


Can custom crates be reused?

Yes, custom crates can often be reused for future use. If the crates are in good condition after your equipment arrives, you can repurpose them for future use.


Are machinery moving and custom crating services insured?

Yes, reputable custom crating and machinery moving services carry insurance. This helps protect against any potential damage or loss during transportation.

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